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I'm here to introduce myself in 2019...

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Ariana Head (over 40?!), mother of 2 (Josiah Head 19yrs and Natazia Head 16yrs) - married to 1 (Nathan Head) since 1994-Woah! I see myself as kind, generous, creative, energetic. However, there is a vigilant warrior inside of me. I’ve always been passionate for truth. I never thought of myself as aggressive, but i won’t stay quiet if there is injustice taking place around me. I want everyone to be filled with freedom, with life. I’m passionate, full of ideas and somewhat eclectic. I know God created me with a purpose. I’m in awe of the creativity God has given humankind through fine arts, dance, music, theater, food and nature. My dream is to travel the world helping others discover their true identity and live out their destiny. Some of my loved ones and friends have told me I have no sense of humor…uuuh??!! That may be true- I do tend to be literal, so sometimes “it’s not funny” I’d like to have more fun soooo...hmmm… sometimes being serious is FUN! So there! LOL!

My husband Nathan Head has incredible strength and integrity, is straight forward, a craftsman, problem solver and overall Viking! He is part owner, founder and CEO of Bloom Pest Control and Home Services. I'd define his ultimate life goal as: Empowering people to take control of their own future and provide them with opportunities to escape poverty. I’m not sure how he would define it… But that is my version.

A family photo of us circa 2005. The bride gave me the honor of designing my "bridesmaid" dress and Natazia's "flowergirl" dress. My only requirement was using this lovely peach color fabric.

It has been the joy of my life to stay at home with our children for the last 19yrs. Our kids have grown into shockingly mature teenagers with hearts to change the world. I’m very honored to be their mother. Their non-traditional career paths have needed my time and involvement.

Our 16 year old daughter Natazia Head is pursuing a career in classical ballet. She started ballet at age 4 and became serious about her career path at around 12 years old. Her goal is to be a principal dancer (Prima Ballerina) at a world recognized ballet company. She was recently accepted (again) into Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet (RWB). She will be attending their 4 week summer intensive in 2019 with a full scholarship! (We only need to pay for travel, housing and personal items.) This opportunity is just the beginning of the fulfillment of her dreams! The RWB summer intensive is essentially an audition for their year round program. We are believing that she will be able to attend RWB year round. RWB has a prestigious history of Russian style ballet training. Their list of alumni is very impressive. RWB gives their students the foundation, training and support they need to get hired in ballet companies world wide. I am proud that Natazia has been accepted to The RWB and will train in Canada.

Our 19 yr old son Josiah’s ambitions have been unfolding since he was about 11 years old. He has a desire to encourage young adults to develop honorable character and encourage them to become the best version of themselves; by drawing out their unique identity, and talents. His preferred avenue is in the music industry with rap. I am so delighted with his passion and intentions!

I am grateful I have been able to support our children’s futures and give them opportunity to follow their dreams. Since I have devoted most of my efforts to the personal growth of our children, I have not been able to contribute financially to our families’ current or future needs.

Because of that, it's time for me to make some money!

#1 to contribute to our daughters career dreams.

#2 to support our son’s aspirations.

#3 to be able to assist in funding my husband and my dreams of traveling the world serving others!

I have a natural affinity for history and costuming.

Because of that, I enjoy designing classical ballet tutus, rodeo pageant ensembles, wedding gowns and many other items. I really want to develop my design aesthetic by creating and constructing theater, dance, stage and competition costumes, theme wedding gowns and classical ballet costumes. I have a desire to bring quality and individuality back to the female wardrobe!

For literally decades I’ve imagine an “ideal” closet for myself…A dream wardrobe...I’m pretty sure most women would like. A closet filled with items I enjoy wearing, that are flattering, that make me feel more confident made with high quality fabrics and styles that last.

Additionally, I thought it would be amazing to have a "capsule closet" for myself for each season..Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter with each having the ability to bring to life my point of view with fashion including appreciating nature, holidays, foods, colors, scents, music, movies, memories, inspiration and nostalgia.

I also want keeping house to be quick and efficient. I really like to find the most effective products that are environmentally friendly along with fixtures and appliances that are easy to clean. I’d rather spend time creating garments and costumes, and have time for friends and family visiting and exploring nature than cleaning house for hours!

Ironically, I completed my education in Nutritional Therapy in 2007. ( So now I have letters behind my name.. Ha! Ariana Head NTP. ) Since then, I have been committed to educate myself about our modern food supply and the benefits of a primitive diet containing nutrient dense whole foods. I’m happy to share what I have discovered with anyone that is interested. I’m holistically minded. I believe every human being (and animal!) is unique in every way, metabolically, physically, emotionally etc. I get excited about empowering people to educate themselves, listen to their own body and learn how they can improve their health & quality of life!

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