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Custom made and dyed to match Rodeo jeans, and shirts and custom dyed cowboy boots

Are you in need of a monochromatic look? I've seen many a rodeo beauty in jeans and shirts with matching boots. Cotton, leather, synthetics oh my! Whats a pageant queen to do? Let me help you! I can create custom clothing made from fabric that matches or dye jeans and shirts to match your boots. I can even change the color of boots to match jeans. When I create a custom designed garment I have you in mind. Let's collaborate on your dream pageant wardrobe, ensemble or costume. My design aesthetic includes design inspiration from 1800's and 1900's. I enjoy natural fibers like wool, cotton, rayon, silk etc. Timeless, classic, fun and elegant; history has many fashion stories to tell. What story do you want to exhibit?

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