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  My name is Ariana Head. I live in Oregon City, Oregon with my ambitious husband and amazing son and daughter. 

 When I was little my mother made most of my clothes. By age 13, I designed and sewed my wardrobe inspired by Madonna's unique fashion. My one-of-a-kind style found its way into every faze of life: prom dresses, wedding gowns, then to elegant, artistic, costumes.

As an adult, my design aesthetic is generally influenced by the 15th through 20th century.

 My works include expertly fitted custom designed competition tutus and costumes for participants in Youth America Grand Prix. My designs depict originality while maintaining parameters for each unique classical ballet variation.

  I've been graced with the freedom to design costumes for Classical Ballet Academy's ballet theater productions for nearly a decade.

I'm honored to be a seamstress for Oregon Ballet Theater's costume department.

  I have expanded my artistic flare to rodeo pageant wear.

  I love creating rodeo pageant gowns and coordinating pieces that reflect individual personality and style. 

 I am interested in designing many different garments, costumes, dresses and wedding gowns.

Many projects welcome! Hit the "contact tab" and let me know what you need.



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